Returning to the Pool

We have been extremely busy behind the scenes to ensure that when we open our doors, and you sniff that glorious chlorine smell for the first time, that it’s a safe space you’re returning to. We’re thrilled to be opening from Monday 19th April 2021, things are going to be slightly different for now to help create a safe environment for all our teachers, lifeguards and swimmers. Please find all the things you need to know ahead of your visit below. Our FAQs section will be updated frequently, but if your query isn’t included please do get in touch. The quickest way is through our Facebook page or by emailing us at 

**Please note that the pool is currently closed in line with government guidelines, we are thrilled to be re-opening from Monday 19th April 2021**

Things You Need to Know

If you or a member of your household are experiencing symptoms of covid19, or self-isolating you must not visit the swimming pool.

Arriving at the pool, at the top of the steps, turn LEFT. There’s a one way system in place with entry via the Fire Escape. Go passed the picnic tables and round the corner of the building

Look out for the red lines on the floor to help with social distancing

We ask that you arrive a maximum of 5 minutes before the start of the session as you won’t be permitted entry before this time.

Please note that to allow additional cleaning throughout the day, your swim time may have changed slightly. Please check with your session provider before coming to the pool

For children under the age of 8, a parent or guardian must wait with them until they are signed in with the teacher on duty. We ask where possible this is only one person to aid with distancing measures

Sign in with the lifeguard or teacher at our new front desk (see image). You will need to leave your contact number to allow for Test and Trace. 

Please take your shoes and socks off on the matted area provided, and use the hand sanitiser station on the wall

Between sessions there is a one-way system on poolside, so you must walk down the non-window side of the pool

Swimmers should arrive swim-ready, with swimmers on underneath clothing to allow changing on poolside

Please shower before arriving at the pool

There will be no spectators permitted during this time, to reduce the number of people within the pool building

Plastic boxes are placed at 1m intervals on poolside. Arriving swimmers should place their shoes, bags and belongings into the box, and remove clothing so they are ready to swim.

During lane swim sessions, all swimmers will be swimming in a clockwise direction (i.e. both lanes the same direction).

Swimmers should allow faster swimmers to pass at the end of each length, moving to the edge and turning their head away.

Swimmers should not leave drinks bottles at the end of a lane – instead these should be kept next to their allocated box on poolside

There will be no loaning of goggles, hats, hair bobbles or nose clips during this time, please bring your own

Any floats, woggles or pull buoys will be individually allocated and washed after use. This includes large floats during fun swim sessions. Once your household has finished with it, please put it on poolside for washing and reallocation

After your swim, please collect your belongings from your box and proceed to the appropriate changing room via the poolside entrance

Please note no shower facilities will be available at the pool during this time

Changing room numbers are limited to allow for social distancing, your session provider will monitor this for you

The changing facilities have markers to allocate a “change station”, allowing for socially distanced changing

Use of the disabled change room gives priority to those who require its facilities. However, if not required, it also accommodates additional changing stations

It is expected that most children aged 8 or over will be able to change without assistance and this is encouraged. For those younger, and swimming on their own as part of a lesson, one parent/guardian can be allowed to enter the pool at the end of the session to assist with changing – please speak to your session provider for details


Once changed, please exit via the usual changing room entrance, and leave the pool via the “shoe room”

The shelves have been removed and benches added to allow swimmers to sit and put their shoes on before exiting the pool building

We ask that swimmers maintain social distancing within this area

There is hand sanitiser on the wall at the exit, and we recommend this is used before leaving

Parents should wait outside the entrance, and by the picnic table to collect their child at the end of their session



Frequently Asked Questions – what you asked us!

  • Do I need to book a lane swim session or fun swim session?

Please arrive at the pool 5 minutes before your sessions start time and sign in with the lifeguard on duty. There is no pre-booking of sessions at this time. Please note that you will need cash, as we do not accept card payments, and change is always very much appreciated 

  • Can the virus survive in the pool water?

The Coronavirus is what is known as an enveloped virus and Chlorine is known to break down its outer lipid layer, killing the virus. As such BW Community Swimming have invested in a SageWash system for the pool, donating it to the Junior School. This system connects to the hose pipe and mixes chlorine directly with the water. This system is being used to wash down surfaces and equipment throughout the day

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