Mitres Swim Club

Mitres Swim Club

Mitres is primarily a development club covering all aspects of competitive swimming, from stroke technique, through to use of the blocks and covering all the laws of the strokes as set down by Swim England who are the governing body of competitive swimming in the UK.

Our aim is to take a novice swimmer and build a solid platform for them in the world of competitive swimming, so they can take this knowledge and experience forward with them should they want to join the larger swimming clubs.

Our competition levels away from home are aimed at Level 3 meets around Hampshire. However many of our swimmers today are not too short of age group times.

We have 5 sessions per week, which includes 2 Masters sessions, which run alongside the Juniors. The Masters swim primarily for fitness and are non-competitive, however we have one or two of them that are involved with triathlons.

So as to allow the coaches and the swimmers to monitor progress over the year we run Time Trial swims consisting of three rounds. This allows the coaches and the swimmers to see how they are progressing with their speed/fitness and of course allows times to be submitted for gala entries.

We hold our annual club ”age group” championships toward the end of each year, where swimmers can put together the skills and knowledge that they have acquired over the year, to swim for medals and cups. Also we have the house relay to finish the night off, where the 4 houses, SPITZ, ADLINGTON, PHELPS and FOSTER compete for 1st place only medals and the house cup, which is kept in the school trophy cabinet. We are also proud to have achieved Swim 21 status/club mark, awarded to us by Swim England in 2011. This for us as a club means in the eyes of Swim England… WE DELIVER!!

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