Pool Temperature

Pool Temperature

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When people ask us what is the best temperature to swim in, we try to explain that there is no simple answer to this complicated question. For fitness swimming temperatures around 26-28 degrees provide a feeling of less resistance through the water than with warmer water, it also means your face goes a shade less pink when doing a full swim workout! πŸ™‚ But for families enjoying a fun splash, temperatures around 28-30 degrees allow you to stay still in the water without feeling the cold, additionally babies will feel the cold quicker than their accompanying adult.

As many of you are aware, our boilers have been steadily growing elderly for a number of years. Their recent failure highlighted that getting parts for them was turning into an absolute nightmare, and we had to borrow parts from one to fix the other! Thankfully Hampshire County Council stepped in and replaced both boilers, which although this meant we were closed for a time has helped to future proof the swimming pool!

A few “teething problems” meant that the boilers faulted on Friday night last week (21st May), a week after their installation. Consequently the pool temperature dropped like a stone as they stopped heating the water and air. A very urgent call to the engineer meant they were fixed by Monday lunchtime (24th May), but the water still needed to be reheated!

So here we are on 26th May and, as I write this post, the water is still steadily warming. And so we were faced with a dilemma, to re-open or not to re-open – that is the question! Or, more to the point… What is the best temperature to swim in?

The water for Thursday 27th May is anticipated to be at least 26 degrees, a little on the cool side but absolutely perfect for fitness and lane swimming. So we have taken the decision to OPEN! We all feel that having been closed for so long, and our swimmers deprived of their glorious chlorinated water, we should give the opportunity to as many people who wish to swim as possible. This includes being open for our Thursday evening 5:15pm fun swim session, we just ask you to be aware it is slightly cooler than usual and to “keep moving” πŸ™‚

The water will keep warming by at least a degree every 24 hours, and so we anticipate that our Friday evening sessions and Saturday morning sessions can go ahead as planned – it shouldn’t even feel that much cooler than normal! Last Thursday and Friday evening the water was at 27 degrees if that helps to give you a “feel”.

After hankering for a swim in our lovely pool for so long, throughout the various lockdowns and pool closures, we feel it is important to give the opportunity to you all to enjoy the swim you have been craving!! We hope you will support us in our endeavors and look forward to seeing you at the pool over the next few days

With thanks, Hannah (BWCS Committee Volunteer)

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